Research Blog #2

This past week, I researched the course catalogs from 1941-1944.

The first major change of note was in the 1942-43 catalog.  Published just one month after the US declared war on Japan and Germany, MWC started a three-year degree program, “To accelerate training for urgent needs of the nation.”  The following year, a preface was included in the catalog declaring a new focus on classes and programs for the wartime effort.  All departments would put more emphasis on courses that would be practical in the war effort (i.e. mathematics, chemistry, and physics).

A couple of photographs from the catalogs also show a class for women aiming for wage earning (especially during the war years) and home-making, as was more traditional for women of that time period.

Also of note are the missing faculty members.  First noted in the January 1943 catalog, twelve members of faculty are on leave for military service.  The next issue, April 1943, notes sixteen members for the same reason.  Almost all of these absentees are men, but there is also one woman counted among those not available for teaching.

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